About Us

Wildlife Collections was created after an idea was sparked from a simple question - how can we help? Growing up together in North Carolina two best friends since elementary school attended college in Wilmington, NC, where we both became exposed to the ocean and the abundance of wonderful life that lives in it. However, we also realized how detrimental mankind can be to our beautiful environment. From plastic, development, entertainment, and toxic pollution, we both decided that it was time to figure out how we could help fix this ongoing disaster. 

After brainstorming ideas including picking up trash on beaches, joining local environmental movements, and becoming a part of a fundraising community, we suddenly realized that we could do all of these things but on a much larger scale. How about we build a store around our mission, and try to get others to join us in contributing to amazing non-profit organizations that already have the tools needed to clean and preserve wildlife? We achieve this by selling our wildlife related products and donating 10% of the profits to various wildlife and marine organizations. This percentage will increase over time as we grow to allow us to be able to donate more to organizations. We have just started our business and are both new to running something of this scale and were surprised with how much it costs to operate. 

Our products are not only of great quality and perfect gifts for any nature lover, they are a constant reminder of the changes we can make. The future of the environment is not simply in the hands of a few, but in all of us. While donating directly to organizations is important, your friends, neighbors, and colleagues most likely will not know that you have done so if you don't tell them. This is why our business is so important. You can tell people about your bracelet or shirt that you are wearing and that you helped contribute to a wonderful cause. We are here to help save wildlife, but also to help spark conversations between us people, because people are the ones who can influence the impacts on nature the most. 

So join us in our mission to help clean up this planet and save those who cannot speak up to save themselves. By ourselves we can make a dent, but together we can make an impact.